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I can’t move the captions where I want.
I can’t move the captions where I want.

Adjusting the position of design elements, like captions.

Updated over a week ago

We’ve intentionally simplified design placements into 9 possible places.

If your captions are covering up someone’s face / mouth / eyes, try another position!

In the list on the left side of your screen, click on the ‘Edit’ icon next to the ‘Captions’ component to reopen the component editor.

Under ‘Position’, select a different dot in the grid to move the captions to a different place.

Pro tip:
Pick the platform you will be posting to in the AutoFrame menu. You’ll see the captions adjust to a new position. This extra padding will make sure the captions, and any other designs, are not covered up by the platform’s UI (like a description or profile picture icon).

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