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How do I crop my video?

How to adjust your video framing or cropping on footage.

Updated over a week ago

Double-click on the clip in your timeline (bottom middle of your screen should have thumbnail icons of the clips in your project). This will open up a new page - clip editor mode!

Above the clip timeline, click on the ‘Crop’ button.

This opens up a menu where you can:

  • Make your clip fit or fill the canvas: a fast way to adjust the clip position and scale

Fit = clip will appear in full within the frame and will not crop the footage
Fill = clip size will cover the entire frame and may crop the footage

  • Adjust the clip position: type in a number to move the clip in the canvas

X = negative # (left) or positive # (right)
Y = negative # (up) or positive # (down)

Ex: X = -10 and Y = 10 would move your video 10 spaces to the left and 10 spaces down, closer to the bottom left corner of your canvas.

  • Scale your clip size: zoom in or out

Higher than 100% = cropped
Less than 100% = not cropped, background will be visible

Click on the checkmark to save your changes! Clicking on the X will discard your changes.

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