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Adding Music: Step-by-Step Guide
Adding Music: Step-by-Step Guide
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Add a Soundtrack to your video

1. To add background music, click on the Soundtrack menu in the bottom left corner of your project. Soundtrack will take a moment to analyze your project and pick out a few recommended music tracks!

Pro tip:
Add music as the very last step in editing your project. That way you can hear how the music sounds with your final edit.

2. Hit play to hear a preview of that music track with your project.

If you don’t like how that sounds, try a different section in that track.

Or, hit skip to hear a different music track.

3. If none of these recommendations are vibing with you, try giving Soundtrack a bit of help to find the kind of music track you are looking for.

4. Once you’ve found the perfect track and set it to the perfect timing, click ‘+ Add’ and your background music is added to your project!

After the music track has been added, you can tweak the volume settings to find the perfect balance for your video.

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