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Meet your CoProducer™
Meet your CoProducer™

A walkthrough of Capsule's powerful AI assistant.

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Meet Capsule's CoProducer™ — a powerful AI assistant that helps you get your video projects done efficiently.

CoProducer can:

Audio Transcription

It starts helping you as soon as you upload a file into your project.

We use a speech-to-text model to turn your file into a transcript. Our transcription is multilingual, allowing us to support 57 different languages, and our English transcription is typically 95% accurate.

Auto Jump Cut

After your file has been uploaded and transcribed, you may notice grey boxes in your transcript. Those represent pauses or ums + uhs - which happens to everyone! You take a breath, pause before reading your next line…

These are usually the first things you want to cut out, but going through your entire transcript and deleting the spaces takes up a lot of time. CoProducer can help!

Auto Jump Cut will automatically detect pauses and gaps in your transcript and cut them out for you. You set the pace, click a button, and then all those silences are removed.

But that’s not the only way CoProducer can help your audio sound better.


VoiceMagic takes your audio and acts as a sound engineer to remove background noise, balance speech volume, remove the gasps that occur as we breathe while talking… Resulting in studio-quality audio. Here's an example of the difference it makes!

Next, you'll probably get started with adding graphics to your video. All the different design components, like a speaker box or headline, were made with CapsuleScript. This video scripting engine allows us to recreate any kind of professional graphic design or animation in Capsule.

It's the essential piece that makes powerful features, like Auto Frame resizing and instant preview, possible.

Text Copy Recommendations

As you fill out the designs with text and see a live preview, you may want to reword or rephrase something. Click on the green sparkles to view copy recommendations from CoProducer.

These recommendations are personalized to your video content and use language that matches your style.

Generate Images

Another kind of graphic is b-roll - aka images or videos that you add on top of your main media. You might have a media library to pick from, but if you don't - CoProducer can generate an image for you!

Text-to-image models need a prompt in order to generate an image. CoProducer is there to help you ask for exactly what b-roll you want and the kind of style you want the image to be in.


This is not the only place where CoProducer is helping you prompt AI models. Soundtrack will search through our library of royalty-free music tracks and pick options that match the tone of your video.

And that's just the beginning of what CoProducer can do. More is coming soon!

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