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Creating a Clip From Longer Footage: Video Tutorial
Creating a Clip From Longer Footage: Video Tutorial

Learn how to edit your footage into smaller highlight clips.

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Learn best practices for taking a 30-minute (or longer) video and editing it into shorter highlight clips.

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First, you'll need to cut down your longer video into 10-minute chunks.

Capsule is optimized for editing videos that are under 20 minutes, so trim down the original footage and then upload each chunk into its own project.

Now you can start to pull highlights. Find the section with the amazing stat or the game-changing action plan, highlight the text, and then click 'Create'!

The section you highlighted will now become its own clip in your timeline.

You could keep going, creating as many highlights as you need, or you can start to polish the clip you just made.

To make sure you still have the original footage to refer back to, I recommend duplicating your project from the main dashboard.

Go into the project you just duplicated and delete the unwanted footage around your clip.

Now you've got your highlight video isolated from the original footage.

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